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Galil Controller Adds Precision To Radiation Treatment

TomoTherapy Inc. is using Galil Motion Control’s integrated DMC-2153 5-axis controller in the Hi-Art cancer treatment system. Hi-Art is a focused radiation therapy device that targets cancerous tumors without harming the surrounding healthy tissue, improving treatment while minimizing side effects.

The system leverages the ring gantry geometry used in CT scanning. It integrates optimized planning, image guidance, and helical delivery to ensure precise, continuous intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) from all angles around a cancer patient. The DMC-2135 handles the x-y-z motion of the patient couch that slides into the gantry, providing ±1-mm accuracy. TomoTherapy is aiming for sub-millimeter acuracy in future models.

“We considered several motion controllers for the Hi-Art system and Galil’s controller met our requirements for its Ethernet-based control of stepper and servo motors, ability to multitask, SSI feedback capability, and robust programming language,” said Graham Reitz, TomoTherapy research engineer. “It had to be small enough to fit in our very small, allowed space.”

TomoTherapy Inc.

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