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Gear Motor Consumes Little Space

For tight-quarter designs, the Model MMP.TM55-24V.GPk52-016.1 24-Vdc gear motor measures 2.14" in diameter, 7.25" in length, and has a keyed output shaft measuring 12 mm in diameter by 25 mm long. Mounting is accomplished via four face-mount M5 threaded holes, equally spaced on a 40-mm diameter BC. The motor delivers 1.6 Nm of continuous torque at 280 rpm and 40 Nm peak. It requires 3.5A at 24V to generate the full-load output torque. Options include 12V-and-higher windings, optical encoders, failsafe brakes, analog tachometers, and planetary gear heads with standard ratios ranging from 3:1 to 450:1. Standard or low backlash precision gearing is also available. For price, call MIDWEST MOTION PRODUCTS, Watertown, MN. (952) 955-2626.


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