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Geared BLDCs Enable Fast Prototyping

Geared BLDCs Enable Fast Prototyping

The company’s line of geared, brushless dc (BLDC) motors come with a complete tool kit of selectable gear boxes, controllers, brakes, and smart drives, allowing different configurations to be quickly assembled for fast prototyping. The motors feature a wide selection range with continuous power up to 400W, speeds between 1,500 and 6,100 rpm, and motor constants up to 15 ounce per square root Watt (103 mNm per square root Watt).  Maximum torque constants range to 198 oz.-in. (1,400 mNm/A).  Six models include two round and four square designs with lengths ranging from 41 mm to 114 mm and are available with a factory-mounted optical or magnetic encoder and electro-mechanical fail safe power off brakes. Compatible gearboxes feature spur, planetary, and worm styles with torques from 0.4 Nm to 120 Nm. The BDE30 and BDE40 external drives are offered with 6A or 14A ratings, respectively. Internal drives are on tap for BLDC motors that feature power ranges from 40W to 100W.  Additionally, a wide range of accessories are available. Crouzet North America, Vista, CA. (760) 597-6322.


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