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Gearmotors Develop High Torque In Small Packages

Gearmotors Develop High Torque In Small Packages

Meeting space, speed, and torque requirements, the Series 6000 22-mm brush-commutated dc gearmotors integrate planetary gearboxes and are available in three standard motor lengths: 31.9 mm, 39.52 mm, and 48.29 mm. Depending on type, gearboxes range in length from 19.5 mm to 51.3 mm and weigh from 81g to 106g. They can deliver reduction ratios from 4:1 to 429:1. Maximum load capabilities range from 0.05 Nm to 0.7 Nm and continuous torque ranges to 0.7 Nm.  Continuous load torque varies with gear ratio, motor type, and operating conditions. AMETEK TECHNICAL & INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS, Kent, OH. (877) 748-8626.


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