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Hall Sensors Measure Magnetic Fields Parallel To Surface

Unlike conventional Hall sensors that only respond to the field component perpendicular to the device surface, the Type CSA-1 single-axis and the Type 2SA-1 two-axis sensors respond to a magnetic field parallel to the chip surface. The integrated CMOS sensor systems come complete with Hall elements, biasing circuit, amplifier, and programmable gain, offset, and temperature coefficient. The CSA-1 has a sensitivity of up to 300 mV/mT and is suited for current and remote position sensing. The 2SA-1 measures the two in-plane magnetic field components at a point with an angular error of less than 1%. For current commutation on brushless dc motors, the 2SA-11 version provides 0°, 120°, and 240° output signals. Available now, the integrated Hall sensors cost about $5 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Sentron AG
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