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High-Capacity Torque Transducer Transmits Via Digital Telemetry

Rugged, strain-gage sensing technology and wireless digital signal telemetry drive the latest member of the Series 5310 Torkdisc family of low-profile, high-stiffness, rotary torque transducers. With this technology, the device can transmit measurement signals to an adjacent receiver. The sensors are offered in a range of capacities from 150,000 to 225,000 in-lb full-scale with a speed rating of 6000 rpm. Other features include low weight, low rotating inertia, RF interference immunity, and low sensitivity to extraneous loads. Target applications include large electric motor development and testing, locomotive and ship diesel engine development and testing, gear box development and testing, torque monitoring on turbine engines used for power generation, and torque monitoring on mining pumps. The Series 5310 transducer costs $22,500 apiece.

PCB Piezotronics Inc.
www.pcb.com; (888) 684-0004

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