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High-Torque Brushless Servos Served In A Compact Package

Targeting the packaging industry, the Allen-Bradley MP-Series motors provide machine builders high-torque servo motors with reduced footprints for use in smaller machines that consume less factory-floor space. Within a given frame size, the motors come in a variety of winding configurations to potentially reduce the output requirements of the system's servo amplifier. Since a smaller, less-expensive drive will be required, the system's overall cost may be reduced.
The motors incorporate a patented motor winding technique, said to minimize end-turn copper to reduce operating heat and improve motor performance. For applications that require high-end accuracy and precision, the motors are available with multiple feedback options, including absolute positioning and high-resolution encoders. The multi-turn absolute encoders guarantee immediate resumption of operation following a power-supply interruption without having to return to a reference point. The high-resolution encoders can position the servo system to within 0.000001 of a revolution.


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