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Highly Integrated Microstep Motor Saves Space

The DMX-K-SA-11 stepper motor is an all-in-one NEMA 11 microstepper with driver, controller, and encoder integrated into the motor’s back cap, which minimizes external electronics and wiring. For real-time position verification, the motor uses Renishaw’s magnetic AM256 magnetic encoder chip, whose small size allows the motor to stay within the 1.1-in. square NEMA 11 standard. The integrated DMX-K-SA-11 is a 16-microstep driver capable of full, 1/2, 1/4, or 1/16 microsteps in three different stack sizes. The design is an alternative to typical step motors that run open loop with sensors to detect position values after the move. The motor is designed for customers and applications that require a position verification signal from the motor as well. The electronics inside the back cap have a maximum ambient operating temperature of 85°C. The stand-alone control uses a Windows-based programming language similar to BASIC. Communication is via RS-485 with a baud rate of 9600 to 115 kbits/s. The device has a trapezoidal acceleration profile control, a 12- to 24-V dc voltage input, and driver current from 100 mA to 1.5 A. The motor includes opto-isolated +Limit/?Limit/Home inputs and an opto-isolated digital output. Its homing routine uses home input or limit input. ARCUS TECHNOLOGY, Livermore, CA. (925) 373-8800.


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