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Hollow Encoders Accept Motor Shafts

Built to accept motor shafts from 0.250" to 0.500" O.D., the RCH20 commutation encoders combine three-phase brushless commutation pulses, two data channels (in quadrature), and a reference (once per revolution) index pulse in a single package. The encoder floats on a shaft to allow axial and radial movements. The optical encoders are immune to harsh environmental conditions, including shock of 100g for 6 ms, vibration of 10g at 10 to 2000 Hz, and temperatures of -10°C to 100°C. A slotted hole pattern on the encoder spring adapter allows ±30° mechanical rotation of the commutation tracks with the motor's magnet poles. Encoder frequency response is 300 kHz for all channels and data channel resolutions vary from 100 lines to 5000 lines and supplies three-phase commutation signals for 4-, 6-, 8- and 12-pole brushless motors.


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