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Hot Product: The ZiVA-6 Media Processor Family

Targeting the next generation of DVD players, the ZiVA-6 family of media processors from LSI Logic Corp. can play back superaudio CDs (SACDs). These devices integrate a PCMCIA card interface for wireless connectivity or flash-based storage cards. The processor also simplifies DVD system design and lowers the total bill of materials by incorporating optical head front-end servo logic and a direct S/PDIF audio input channel. To keep costs low, the ZiVA-6 squeezes into a 208-lead PQFP. The low pin count was achieved by using a 16-bit wide interface to an external 64-Mbit SDRAM for the MPEG processing. The previous-generation ZiVA-5 used a wider bus and didn't integrate the servo, S/PDIF audio input, and the digital-to-analog converters for the audio output. So with the ZiVA-6, a basic DVD player with SACD playback could have a bill-of-materials below $30. In volume, the processors cost less than $10 apiece. A manufacturing kit, the ZiVA-6MK, provides a full DVD player design, loader and motor drivers, user interface, and all software tools necessary to quickly prepare a system for market release.

LSI Logic Corp.

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