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Hybrid Steppers Generate High Torque

Embracing three size 11 (1.062 in. sq.) models, the 211 series of 2-phase hybrid step motors span a wide range of speeds with near vibration-free operation. Supplied to match different input voltages and currents, as well as with single or dual shaft extensions, Model 211-20-02, a 1.8° step motor, develops 16.6 oz.-in. of holding torque in a 1.99" long package, while the shorter Models 211-13-02 (1.25" long) and 211-18-02 (1.75" long) create holding torques of 9.2 and 13.7 oz.-in., respectively. Other specs for Model 211-20-02 include a torque and speed of 7.8 oz.-in. at 10,000 half-steps/s or 8.6W output with a driver input of 24 Vdc and 1.3A per phase bipolar excitation mode. For more details, call Ryan Lin at LIN ENGINEERING, Santa Clara, CA. (408) 919-0200 ext 214.


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