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Incremental Encoder Turns 100,000 Times

Offering an operating lifetime of 100,000 full rotations, the E27 series subminiature mechanical encoder provides a significantly increased lifespan compared with other incremental encoders, it's claimed. Sealed in accordance with IP65, the E27 encoder consists of a rotational contact generator that produces a series of indexing pulses at each of two output lines when the shaft is rotated. Each pulse is interpreted by a system as an increment or decrement, the direction of change being determined by the phase difference between the output lines. This digital signal can be interpreted in a variety of ways such as simulating the choice of characteristics. The shaft can also be depressed in a pushbutton action. These encoders are available in vertical and horizontal configurations and can be fitted to a variety of shaft styles. Switching voltage is up to 5 vdc with a current range of 1 to 10 mA.


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