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Induction Motor Soft-Starters Eye Industrial Apps

Four new three-phase induction motor softstarters have been introduced as alternatives to relatively large variable speed controllers. The solid-state series EMC soft-starters are designed for applications such as conveyors, elevators, escalators, compressors, lamps, fans, and three-phase motors. The soft-starters are designed to prevent motors from experiencing the stress of high inrush currents. They include a base model and two with heatsinks and one with a heatsink plus fan. The induction motor soft-starters operate at 200 to 480 Vac, 2.2 to 15 kW(star) and 3.8 to 26 kW(delta), measure from 3.268" x 4.331" x 2.913" to 4.331" x 5.551" x 6.102", and weigh 21.16 to 91.71 oz. Pricing ranges from $284 to $395 each/500. TELEDYNE RELAYS, Hawthorne, CA. (800) 284-7007.


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