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Induction Motor Softstarters Eschew High-Inrush Currents

A series of three-phase induction motor softstarters prevents motors from experiencing the stress of high inrush currents (typically six to nine times nominal values) that can cause electrical and mechanical damage. High inrush currents can cause overheating, voltage dips, wasted power, excessive noise and contactor wear, and premature electrical or mechanical failure. The new EMC softstarters' six-thyristor structure works like a full-wave phase angle controller, enabling both positive and negative cycles to be controlled. They reduce induction motor starting current, as well as motor starting torque. Initial torque can be set from 0% to 100%. A bypass option is available, as is a pnp or npn control option. Also, users can select a kick option of 0 to 100 ms when choosing not to perform a soft start. The devices are designed for conveyors, elevators, escalators, pumps, compressors, lamps, fans, cranes, and three-phase motor applications. Four versions are available: a base model, two models with heatsinks, and one model with a heatsink and a fan. Pricing ranges from $284 to $395 each in 500-unit quantities.

Teledyne Relays
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