Electronic Design

Intelligent Power Switch Packs Active di/dt Control

Pumped for automotive motor control tasks, the AUIR3330S intelligent power switch (IPS) exploits a proprietary active di/dt control feature to significantly reduce EMI and switching losses as well as simplify design and reduce overall system costs. The 40V high-side device integrates a bootstrap regulator, charge pump, and a high-side driver into a single package. It can drive loads up to 40 kHz at 100% of duty cycle. Also, the AUIR3330S features programmable over-current and over-temperature protection, current sensing feedback, a diagnostic function, and ESD protection. Available in a D2PAK, pricing for the AUIR3330S starts at $1.50 each/100,000. For more info, contact Sian Cummins at International Rectifier Corp., El Segundo, CA (310) 52-7148 or email [email protected]

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