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Interlock Lamination System Helps Drive Segway HT Servo Motors

A new pre-assembled interlock lamination system has facilitated the development of a new compact brushless servo motor for the Segway Human Transporter design. The lamination system was developed using a computer controlled manufacturing process that produces two precision laminations at a time, rotated 180°, to achieve perfectly parallel matched laminations in a dense stack. The resulting motor design requires approximately 90 stacked laminations. The highly accurate lamination design enables the motor's sensor to give precise feedback to its drive electronics without the need for a traditional encoder or resolver. The lamination system helps the motor deliver approximately 40% more torque per unit of volume than conventionally wound brushless servo motors of comparable ratings. The stator also features redundant windings—two completely functional motors in one shell. MMG LINTON & HIRST, Swindon, UK. +44 (0) 1793 825000.


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