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Inverter Drives Ease Material Handling Chores

Scaled for the material-handling industry, the 8400 Motec and 8400 Protec decentralized inverter drives integrate all necessary drive functions. Achieving a 30% decrease in energy consumption, they feature IP66 enclosures and include mains, motor, brake, and communications connectors. Standard communication is via PROFIBUS and PROFINET with CANopen as an option. Other features include a replaceable memory module and the ability to be installed at the point of use, directly on the motor or an adjacent wall.  Applications include winding sheet metal, running blister packs, cartons and end-of-the-line packaging equipment, positioning rotary indexing tables, and driving extruders and fillers. Lenze Americas Corp., Uxbridge, MA. (508) 278-9100.

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