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Isolators Attenuate Shock And Vibration

Said to be much smaller than traditional wire rope isolators, the new SteelPaw products provide simultaneous shock and vibration attenuation where sway and package space is at a premium.
The compact rope isolators have a symmetrical design that provides consistent, multi-axis isolation. It is claimed that their small size isolates critical individual components rather than the entire system, resulting in a cost savings to systems designers. Load capacities for the isolators range from 0.1 to 74 lbs. They are said to be ideal for lightweight applications such as disk drives, medical equipment, mobile electronics, small pumps and motors and avionics equipment.
The all-metal design of the SteelPaw isolators gives them the ability to operate consistently at temperature extremes from -150°F to 500°F . They readily conform to numerous military standards and industry specifications.

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