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Joint Venture Targets Variable-Speed Motor Control

IR-SA Integrated Technologies, a collaboration between International Rectifier (IR) and Sanyo Semiconductor, will design, develop, and market variable-speed motor-drive power modules. These products will target appliances and industrial applications in which IR's variable-speed motion-control technology can be exploited to satisfy demands for more energy-efficient products. In addition to leveraging IR's technology, the new products will be enabled by Sanyo's Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) packaging technology.

A hybrid packaging technology, IMS provides the traditional advantages of hybrid design. That is, IMS enables fine layout geometries for tight spacing of components while also allowing for good thermal performance. But whereas the high cost of building hybrids previously prevented their use in high-volume applications, Sanyo made IMS cost-effective by developing a transfer-mold injection process to package the hybrid substrate. In the past, hybrids were typically packaged in a labor-intensive process that required potting of components and piece-part assembly.

Prior to this venture, the two companies coproduced two integrated power modules for 10- and 16-A applications. Each module combines a three-phase inverter power gate driver and auxiliary circuitry in a small isolated package. With the addition of a few external parts, one of these modules can produce a complete motor control system design.

For more technical information, contact Albert Guerra via e-mail at [email protected] or go to www.irf.com.

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