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Linear Actuator Achieves High Torque And Long Lifespan

Deemed useful in medical and semiconductor-manufacturing applications, the NEMA size 17 linear actuator combines high torque stepper-motor capability with an anti-backlash feature for high bi-directional position accuracy and a long lifespan. Based on 1.8° hybrid stepping motors, the actuators are driven by bipolar or unipolar stepper drives and come with four or six leads, respectively.
Bipolar models have a peak operating torque of 58 oz-in and achieve up to 75 lbs. of linear force with up to 12" of linear travel/s. The unipolar models deliver a peak operating torque of 44 oz-in, achieving up to 52 lbs. of linear force with up to 1" of linear travel/s.
Both models measure 1.65 in2 and the spring loaded anti-backlash nut adds 0.3" to the overall length of the motor. They are designed to be drop-in replacements for system upgrades or for new, high-speed systems.

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