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Linear Actuator Built For Performance And Long Life

Built for a long life of over one million cycles and excellent performance, the size 23 non-captive linear actuator has an engineering thermoplastic rotor drive nut and a stainless steel ACME lead screw. This patented design is said to greatly reduce motor noise and insure maintenance free operation. The typical configuration used in industry today—tnamely, a stainless steel and bronze nut—thas been proven to wear considerably after minimal usage. The new hybrid linear actuator comes in a wide variety of resolutions ranging from 0.0003125” to 0.001" and delivers thrusts of up to 200 lb. Applications requiring precise positioning and rapid motion are well suited for this motor. Typical applications include medical equipment, X-Y tables, semiconductor handling, telecommunications equipment, valve control, and many more. The actuator is said to be ideal for drop-in replacements where improved performance and extended lifetime is desired.


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