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Linear Actuator Eliminates Couplers

Designed for precise positioning and rapid motion, this Size 14 hybrid external linear actuator incorporates a rotating acme stainless steel lead screw into the motor's rotor. Shaft-to-lead screw couplers are not needed with this design. A mating nut translates along the lead screw, and as the motor steps, the lead screw rotates but does not advance. The actuator actually replaces the need for four separate components: a motor, coupler, lead screw and nut. High per- formance engineering thermoplastics promise long life operation for medical equipment, X-Y tables, automation, and many more applications. The hybrid linear actuator is available in resolutions ranging from 0.000125" to 0.002" per step and delivers thrusts of up to 25 lb. A standard external linear unit has 6" of visible lead screw; however, lead screw length, termination and external nut design can be customized to suit requirements. HAYDON SWITCH & INSTRUMENT INC., Waterbury, CT. (800) 243-2715.


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