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Linear Actuator/Drive system Wears A Size 17

Operating with optically isolated inputs of pulse, direction, and enable signals, the MotoDrive PDE actuator is available in a size 17 single or double stack. The component is programmable for micro-stepping ranging from full step mode to 64 micro steps per full step. Step resolution ranges from 200 full steps per revolution to 12,800 steps per revolution when micro-stepping. Paired with the company’s captive, non-captive, or external linear actuator, extremely fine positioning resolutions are possible. Operating from a 12 to 42 Vdc supply, the actuator functions with a run current, programmable at the factory, up to 2.6 Arms per phase. Enabling drive direction is via a logic level voltage, activated using +5 Vdc. Operating at ground potential, the drive results in a retract move of the actuator, allowing for multi-functional and flexible usage. Hold current is adjustable as 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of run current using a jumper and associated pins located in a connector on the side of the drive. For pricing, call HAYDONKERK MOTION SOLUTIONS, Hollis, NH. (603) 465-7227.


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