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Linear Actuators Tolerate Deep Sea Exploration

The darkest depths of the ocean are planned as the home of the new Inner Space linear actuators. Developed for mounting outside unmanned submersible vehicles, these compact and lightweight actuators provide up to 100 lbs. of force, eliminating worries about satisfactory links and seals. Sealed and filled with oil, the Inner Space actuator comes in 2" and 4" stroke lengths, and moves at up to 16 in./s. External and internal pressures can be continuously equalized because of the oil-filled design. The actuator is suited for use in controlling diving planes, rudders, camera and light positioning, and operating robotic arms for collecting samples and performing other underwater tasks such as welding. Users can customize it with a variety of stroke lengths and drive screw combinations. The precision ball and acme drive screws are directly coupled to the NEMA 17 sized, two-phase stepper motor. Motor/screw combinations include zero backlash as well as combinations that cannot be back-driven. The unit measures 1.65" x 1.65" x 1.97" at the motor end with a 1.25" diameter housing tube. The only materials exposed to the water are stainless steel, rubber and plastic. Operating temperature ranges from –40°F to +150°F. ULTRA MOTION, Mattituck, NY. (631) 298-9179.


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