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Linear Positioning Sensor Offers Programmability

The programmable MLX90215B Hall-effect linear position sensor eliminates the need for discrete components in applications such as brushless DC motor commutation, current, speed, and position sensors; balance, level and motion switches; and automotive or industrial applications requiring motor sensing. This device offers active error correction that eliminates offset errors. Internal D/A converters set with a serial programming protocol lets the device be programmed to its own operating environment. This offset adjustment, calibrated after installation, lets the offset to be set to virtually any voltage, regardless of the actual magnetic field. This programming lets users trim the offset to an initial error ±0.01% and ±0.4% over the standard temperature range of -40°C to 80°C. This on-chip temperature compensation provides a system temperature coefficient of virtually 0°C. A programmable sensitivity or gain (conversion from magnetic flux density) adjustment allows the device to adapt to large system component variations.


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