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Linear, Rotary Motion Combined Into Actuator

A new linear/rotary dual-motion actuator has been designed to provide incremental rotational and linear movement of the output shaft. The Size 14 actuator has two degrees of freedom of movement that is actuated independently or concurrently. This device can be run using a standard two-axis stepper motor driver. Performance can be enhanced using chopper and/or micro stepping drives. The Size 14 actuator simplifies bulky and complex mechanisms. The new design has a compact package length, maximizing the linear stroke to unit length ratio. Utilizing the company’s stepper motor, the product is capable of delivering up to 50 lbs. of thrust and 18 oz/in of torque. The rotary portion uses the same high-performance thermoplastic nut material as the company’s linear actuators. No maintenance is required, and the entire actuator is designed for long service life. Resolutions range from 0.00012” per step to 0.00192” per step. Linear speeds exceed 3”/s. This product is suited for tight fitting applications requiring precise two degrees of freedom, controllable motion, pick and place equipment, robotics, and other instrumentation. HAYDON SWITCH AND INSTRUMENT INC., Waterbury, CT. (800) 243-2715.


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