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Linear Stepper Delivers 1-Micron Resolution

Described as a low-cost, high-performance component, the company's two-phase, linear stepper motor specifies a 1-mm (0.00004") resolution and promises easy integration into unique and existing applications. The 5-lb. Linear Stepper travels at 2 m/s, operates in any axis, and features 1G acceleration. It can also operate as a brushless linear servo with 5Gs of acceleration and no loss of accuracy. Delivering up to 5 lbs. of continuous torque, the motor employs a chrome-plated platen that is available in lengths up to 3.7m. For longer travel, the platen can come in sections, and more than one motor can operate on a platen at the same time. Linear steppers can also be custom designed to meet special application requirements. Complete packages include an indexer and driver for open-loop operation or a controller and driver for closed-loop brushless servo operation. H2W TECHNOLOGIES INC., Valencia, CA. (888) 702-0540.


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