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Linear Steppers Target Robotic Applications

Speeds of up to 80 in./s (2 m/s) with strokes to 144 in. (3.6 m) and acceleration to 1G are all possible with a new series of linear stepper motors. Capable of precise position, velocity and acceleration control when integrated with a microstepping drive and indexer, these 2- and 4-phase steppers can be used in pick-and-place, wire bonder, parts transfer, semiconductor, and other robotic applications. Delivering up to 50 lb. (222 N) of continuous force and 65 lb. peak force (289 N), these single axis linear steppers integrate the motor, bearings and positioning system into a compact package. The resolution of the 2-phase motor is one full step equals 0.10 in. (250 mµ) and one microstep equals 0.00004 in. (1 µm), while the resolution of the 4-phase motor is one full step equals 0.005 in. (125 mµ) and one microstep equals 0.00002 in. (0.5 mµ). Ideal for open-loop positioning applications with light payloads, a linear encoder can be integrated to provide a closed-loop system. H2W TECHNOLOGIES INC., Valencia, CA. (888) 702-0540.


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