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Linear Tubular Motor Provides 750 Lb. Of Peak Force

The new 5020-4 high-force direct drive linear tubular motor provides a peak force of 750 lb. with 30A excitation over a wide range of linear strokes from 2" to 12" in 2" increments. The compact linear servo motor uses powerful permanent ring magnets composed of Neodymium-Iron-Boron, in a patented arrangement of alternating polarities to develop a maximum frequency response of 60 Hz over a distance of 1/8" when accelerating and decelerating. With a unique design that incorporates a number of key features including a permanent magnet shaft, integral bearings and cylindrical configuration, this tubular construction is said to deliver high-force density, fast motion response, no backlash or compressibility, exceptional accuracy, repeatability and simple installation.


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