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Linear Voice Coil Actuators Live Long

The company’s latest family of linear voice coil actuators provide increased safety and promise a long service life. The components feature two patented spring designs based on magnetic, rather than mechanical technology. Reportedly, the technology ensures constant and precise valve position in either the open or closed setting when electrical power is off. According to the company, the magnetic designs make the use of a mechanical spring unnecessary. Each actuator incorporates either a magnetic extension or a magnetic compression spring inside a coil assembly. Essentially, the entire actuator is a controllable electromagnetic spring whereby the electromagnetic spring is controllable via the current in the winding. Both designs also include stops, which limit the position of the moving coil in the absence of energy. When the coil is de-energized, it remains in a set, fixed position. For further information, contact BEI KIMCO MAGNETICS, Vista, CA. (800) 572-7560.


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