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Liquid Cold Plates Keep Large Power Modules Running Cool

Large power modules with mounting holes spaced at 124 mm, as well as parts with a 93-mm mounting pattern, are among the key application areas for 6-Pass liquid cold plates. These latest additions to the HiContact family of liquid-cooled heatsinks are said to offer exceptional temperature uniformity in both stationary and mobile applications where high power dissipation and low thermal resistance are required. Typical applications include power supplies, UPSs, motor controls, and welding and plasma systems.The liquid-cooled cold plates place six cooling channels directly under the heat-producing area of an IGBT, thereby achieving improved cooling in a reduced volume. Thermal resistance is as low as 0.003°C/W at 1.5 gpm water flow. The cold plates come in 6", 12" and 24" lengths for single- and three-phase designs. Prototype quantities are available.

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