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Low-Backlash, 5-Phase Gearheads Produce Less Motor Vibration

The UPK-W series of 5-phase step motor and driver packages have been combined with two new low-backlash gearheads. The ultra-low backlash planetary (PN) gearhead incorporates newly developed technology to obtain backlash of 3 arc minutes or less. With six gear ratios ranging from 5:1 to 50:1, the PN gearhead is available in combination with UPK-W 2.36-in. sq. motor models. This combination produces maximum holding torques ranging from 30.3 lb-in. with a 5:1 gear ratio to 52.0 lb-in. with a 50:1 gear ratio.
The TH gearhead, which is also available for use with the UPK-W series, uses a tapered spur gear in the output stage to obtain high precision and low backlash. The gearhead is available in five gear ratios ranging from 3.:6:1 to 30:1 and can be combined with UPK-W motor models in sizes of 1.65, 2.36, and 3.54 in. sq. Using a 30:1 gear ratio, maximum holding torque ranges from 13.0 to 104 lb..-in. Call for pricing.


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