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Low-Profile Linear Motors Pump Up The Power

Employing a proprietary manufacturing process and laminated iron-core design, the BLMFS5 series of "flat" linear motors claims to provide 25% more power, in an equivalent envelope, than competing models. The moving forcer coil assembly used by the motors is a compact, reinforced, ceramic-epoxy structure that contains Hall-effect devices and a thermal sensor. The forcer utilizes steel laminations to produce more force for a given forcer coil length than traditional designs, providing higher performance with continuous force ratings to 377 N (85 lb) and peak force ratings to 1,500 N (339 lb). This makes the motors well suited for high-speed, point-to-point motion applications that require high continuous and peak force ratings as well as a low profile. In addition, the attraction force generated from the steel laminations can also be used as a bearing pre-load. The BLMFS5 can be driven using the company's standard brushless amplifiers and controllers to provide a complete, integrated system. Controllers are available for one or up to 32 synchronized axes in both PC-card and software-only models. For more information, contact Steve McLane at AEROTECH INC., Pittsburgh, PA. (412) 963-7470.


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