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MCUs Achieve Temperature Sensing Accuracy

sililabs_0905-AA family of high-performance 8-bit MCUs, the C8051F39x/7x from Silicon Laboratories, features a mixed-signal integrated temperature sensor with a purported best-in-class accuracy over an extended temperature range, without the need for calibration. Combining integrated high-performance analog peripherals and a 8051 CPU in a compact package, the MCU family is useful in optical transceiver modules, sensor interfaces and brushless dc motor applications for fans, dryers and vacuum cleaners. An on-chip temperature sensor provides ±2°C accuracy through a temperature range up to 105°C without the need for calibration, and an innovative crossbar technology gives developers the flexibility to assign peripherals to specific pin locations. Finer resolution PWM offers the ability to execute more complex algorithms, enabling a greater range of motor speeds. Production quantities of C8051F39x/7x MCUs are available now in 4 x 4 mm 20-pin and 24-pin QFN packages with 4 to 16 kB flash sizes, as well as 1 kB RAM. Product pricing for the C8051F39x/7x family begins at $0.98 each/10,000.

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