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Metal-Oxide Resistors Turn The Heat Up

Accommodating a wider range of applications, the RS and RSM metal-oxide, through-hole resistor series extend their upper operating temperature range from +155°C to +235°C. The RS series with flameproof coatings offers power ratings from 0.5W to 5W, resistance values from 0.1 Ohms to 1 MegaOhm, and tolerances as low as 1%. Previously targeting general-purpose and power applications, the higher temperature capability makes the resistors suitable for a range of applications including automotive, industrial, drilling equipment and associated controls and motors, welding equipment, and commercial/industrial kilns and ovens. The RS and RSM series are available on tape and reel, and in ammo and bulk packaging. Depending on size, resistance value, and volume, pricing ranges from $20 per thousand to around $310 per thousand. STACKPOLE ELECTRONICS INC., Raleigh, NC. (888) 734-7347.


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