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Micro Motion System Claims Lowest Power Consumption

Micro Motion System Claims Lowest Power Consumption

Self trumpeted as being the industry’s smallest and exhibiting the lowest power consumption, the SQUIGGLE RV linear drive system consists of a SQL-RV-1.8-6-12 piezo motor and NSD-2101 drive chip. Allegedly, the combo delivers performance comparable to larger systems at 40% less power and under one-fourth the size. Also, the system is reportedly the industry’s first miniature piezo motor drive system with a driver chip that is smaller than the motor and driven directly from battery power as low as 2.3V. The motor measures 2.8 mm x 2.8 mm x 6 mm while the driver measures 1.8 mm x 1.8 mm. In terms of support, DK-RV-1.8 series developer kits include all hardware as well as Pathway development software with scripting capabilities. Open-loop kits contain an SQL-RV-1.8 micro motor and NSD-2101 driver and closed-loop kits add a TRACKER NSE-5310 linear encoder. Developer kits are available starting from $495. NEW SCALE TECHNOLOGIES INC., Victor, NY. (585) 924-4450.

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