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Microstepper Controls Two Axes

Using the firm's proprietary Variable Resolution Microstep Control (VRMC) technology, the MAX-420 dual-axis microstep subsystem provides accurate and repeatable positioning at any shaft speed. The subsystem contains integral drivers and power supply housed in a heatsinked, fan cooled, compact enclosure with dimensions of 4" x 5" x 11.6". The 4A/40V unit is designed to operate 23 and 34 frame size stepping motors. Standard features include 2 kbytes of non-volatile memory for program storage, extended user I/O, programmable motor current, and independent acceleration/deceleration ramping. The controller offers programmable step resolution of 400 to 50,000 or more steps/revolution. Short-circuit, overtemperature and undervoltage protection combine with the firm’s watchdog software to assure reliable operation in hostile environments. For closed-loop applications, the system can be upgraded to include encoder feedback.


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