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Microstepping Drive Achieves Servo Performance

Lauded for an advanced functionality supported by industry-standard communications options, a new microstepping drive is said to achieve servo-like performance at a lower cost than conventional servo drives. The P7000 gives the user reliable, encoderless stall detection, down to and including rest, without the use of a separate feedback device. This drive uses multi-step positioning to convert full step indexing commands into smooth microstepping resolution. Capable of ac or dc operation, the P7000 is designed to power any two-phase NEMA step motor. Its advanced current auto-tuning techniques make it useful for single- or multi-axis applications requiring high-speed performance or low-speed smoothness. A motion node option supporting ModBus RTU, CAN Open, or DeviceNet network protocols adds enhanced indexing capabilities. Users can add positioning capability since the P7000 can connect to industry-standard networks. DANAHER MOTION, Rockford, IL. (866) 316-8437.


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