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Mini Diaphragm Pump Line Now Includes Smaller Models

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New models have been added to broaden the firm's line of miniature diaphragm pumps, offering equipment designers a greater selection based on physical size and vacuum/compression requirements. The line now features models as small as 1" x 11/16" x 1-1/4" and pumps that offer high pressures, vacuum and flow rates. These contaminant-free, oil-less pumps are said to provide an extremely long life with no need for maintenance.The brushless motor-powered pumps featured in the redesigned pump line are lighter and are balanced for smooth, low-vibration operation. All pump specifications in the line can be customized to meet individual design requirements for ideal operating point, continuous operation, or intermittent operation, low throttling and special mounting requirements. Special materials of pump construction can accommodate specific design requirements that include media temperature extremes, corrosive media and intrinsically-safe ratings.

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