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Mini Encoder Delivers High Resolution

Even though small in size, this incremental optical encoder is still able to achieve resolutions of up to 512 lines/rev. The E9 miniature (22 mm in diameter x 21 mm long) rotary encoder credits much of its high performance, as well as reliability, to a proprietary CMOS ASIC that performs all of the encoder's electronic functions, including signal detection, conditioning, and output. In addition, the detection circuitry uses an integrated sensor matrix and mask to reportedly provide consistent, accurate quadrature and index signal phasing.The standard version of E9 outputs A, B and Z channels with complements, enhancing noise immunity; it offers a rotation direction signal, too. And in battery-powered applications, the encoder offers a stand-by mode that reduces current consumption from a normal 10 mA to only 50 µA.

Company: API HAROWE INC. - An API Motion Technology Unit

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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