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Mini Encoder Delivers Maxi Resolution

Promoted as a smaller, more robust alternative to miniature optical encoders for imaging systems, consumer electronics, precision biomedical devices, instrumentation, automation, and automotive applications, the TRACKER position sensor measures 8.5 mm x 11.5 mm x 1.61 mm and presents a total height of about 3 mm with magnet and air gap. It specifies a 2-µm resolution, does not require a light source, and is allegedly insensitive to external light, shock, vibration, and high-particulate environments. An on-chip encoder provides a direct digital output, eliminating the need for external pulse counters. A microprocessor can query multiple TRACKER position sensors and read position information directly. Other features include a zero reference, repeatability of 2 µm, operating voltage from 3 to 3.6 Vdc, and a current consumption of 21 mA. For pricing and availability, call NEW SCALE TECHNOLOGIES INC., Victor, NY. (585) 924-4450.


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