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Mini Microstepping Driver Has Power

Designed for low-inductance stepping motors, the IM804 high-performance microstepping driver supplies 600W of bipolar power from a unit with dimensions of only 3" x 2.75" x 1.3". The unit's FET bridge drivers accept voltages of 24V to 75V and provide a per-phase output current of 4A rms and 6A peak. The 20-kHz chopper drive includes circuits that minimize ripple current to prevent the excessive motor heating that's common with drives requiring higher chopping rates. As a result, low-inductance stepper motors may be used to improve high-speed performance and peak system efficiency. Fourteen microstep resolutions are from 400 to 51,200 steps/revolution in binary and decimal; step resolution can be changed at any time without the need to reset the driver. Other features are programmable motor run and hold currents; automatic current reduction; all-way short-circuit, over/under voltage and over temperature protection; power and fault LEDs; single supply voltage; opto-isolated inputs; and a step clock rate of up to 10 MHz.

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