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Mini Steppers Generate High Torque

Measuring only 26 mm in diameter x 14 mm long and weighing just 1.0 oz., these miniature permanent magnet stepper motors can produce 0.75 to 0.90 oz.-in. of pullout torque at 200 pulses/s. And even greater performance can be achieved with higher grade magnet materials. Other key specs include: 15° or 7.5° step angle; permanently lubricated sintered bronze bearings, with radial ball bearings optional; and holding torque at 2.5W of 1.3 oz.-in. (15° version) and 1.5 oz.-in. (7.5°).A small package size coupled with an ability to operate at various current levels help make the motors especially well-suited for use in medical and laboratory equipment, as well as office automation equipment, computer peripherals, industrial controls, and other products.


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