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Miniature Brushless Motor Runs Fast And Lives Long

By using electronic commutation, the EC 16 brushless motor has no mechanical brushes to wear out, greatly prolonging motor life and minimizing electrical noise. And by utilizing high-energy neodymium magnets, the motor exhibits high responsiveness while minimizing overall size. The 16-mm diameter motor weighs 58g, is 56 mm in length (not including shaft or cables) and is available in three versions: hall sensors, sensorless, or with integrated electronics. Continuous output power is 40W, while maximum speed is an impressive 60,000 rpm. Maximum continuous torque is 15.6 mNm (2.2 oz.-in.). And ambient temperature range is -20°C to +100°C. Matching gearheads and digital encoders are also available. The EC 16 motors are suitable for a variety of applications, including handheld devices, air samplers, robotics, automation, and medical equipment. For more information, contact Mike Rogen at MAXON PRECISION MOTORS INC., Burlingame, CA. (800) 865-7540.


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