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Miniature Encoder Provides Digital Feedback

Compatible with motors measuring 0.51" to 0.63" in diameter, this 16-line, 2-channel quadrature digital magnetic encoder allows for 64 counts/rev. post-quadrature. The digital feedback can be used to determine motor position, velocity and direction. And the unit's output signal is TTL compatible with a 5 vdc input- the encoder can accept input voltages of 3.8 to 24 vdc, with a current draw of 8 mA (max.).The digital magnetic encoder is housed in a 13-mm diameter package that adds only 8 mm to the motor's length. Other features include an operating temperature range of -20°C to 80°C, inertia of 0.07 g-cm2, and an operating frequency of 20 kHz (max.).


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TAGS: Components
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