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Miniature Steppers Cover Broad Range Of Applications

Several new versions of the companyÕs P110 series of miniature step motors are designed to suit the differing demands of instrumentation, medical, miniature robotics, and other applications. The two-phase, 24-step P110 is just 16 mm in diameter and 19 mm long with a holding torque rating of 7 mNm. The companyÕs unique disc-magnet technology reportedly results in a very low rotor inertia of 0.40 x 10-7 kgm2, resulting in very high dynamic capability. The P110 is available as a threaded shaft small linear actuator. Other versions come with: the R16 planetary gearbox for high torque (0.3 Nm) requirements; the B16 spur gearbox for applications needing up to 0.12 Nm; and with a 12-line magnetic encoder for position feedback or closed-loop operation. PORTESCAP, Amherst, NY. (716) 691-9100.


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