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Module Positions Motors Without Use Of A Sensor

Capable of positioning 1-to-20 kW three-phase rotary or linear brushless permanent magnet motors without using a sensor, the IndexBlok Drive Module (XDM) is well suited for use where both simple and complex indexing with up to 16 bits of resolution per electrical cycle of the motor is required. IndexBlok allows users to program one of 15 different absolute or relative moves, including homing. Under RS-485 control, the number of moves is unlimited, and up to 36 drives can be connected on one serial link. XDMs can be interfaced to PLC or PC machine controllers and can be used to replace clutch brakes, mechanical indexers, and stepper motor and servo systems (where repeatability of 5 arc-minutes is sufficient). Torque vs. speed performance is said to be equivalent to a traditional servo system with a similar motor and a resolver or encoder. System repeatability with linear motors has been measured at 0.1 mm without any feedback sensor. IndexBlok modules come in 3A to 60A sizes and span input mains voltages of 110 to 480 vac.


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