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Modules Control Microstepping Motors

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Offering active stabilization for improved motor performance at critical speeds, SLO-SYN MD808 Microstep Drive Module Series features micro-stepping to 1/128 for smooth motor operation, and higher current and voltage for greater torque and speed. All SLO-SYN Microstep drive modules have a modular design that works with the firm's SLO-SYN High-torque step motors. Each module offers a bipolar PWM drive for maximum torque over a wide range of speed. Designed for dc input, the MD808 and MD808-128 drives operate from a single 20 to 80 vdc power supply and provides up to 20,000 micro-steps per revolution for smooth, low speed operation. The MD808-128 offers up to 25,600 micro-steps per revolution. The modules provide phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground short-circuit protection, undervoltage and transient overvoltage protection, thermal protection, optically isolated inputs, switch selectable current levels from 3A to 8A, and no external resistors or jumpers are required.

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