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Motion Control Chip Features 6.5-Mpulse/s Output

The PCL6025 motion control chip targets use with stepper motors or with pulse/direction digital input servomotors. Available in a 128-pin QFP, the chip supports two-axis motion controls using independent control or coordination control (linear or circular interpolation). The PCL6025 features a 6.5-Mpulse/s output speed as well as a choice of linear or S-curve acceleration and deceleration. The chip can change position and speed on the fly. Additional features include prebuffers for the next motion-control profile(s), automatic correction of the operating speed, and out-of-step detection. Target applications include semiconductor manufacturing, inspection systems, medical-analysis machines, and scientific instruments. The PCL6025 motor control chip costs $63.53 each.

Nippon Pulse America Inc.
www.nipponpulse.com; (540) 633-1674

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