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Motion-Control Package Eyes Cost-Conscious Applications

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Introduced as the industry's most cost-effective integrated motion-control solution, the RC-0411 combines a controller, amplifier, encoder and motor in one compact package measuring 89 mm x 42 mm x 61 mm. Incorporating the company's Termi-BUS technology, the device has unified control of mix-and -match brushless and/or steeping motors.
This design, it is claimed, allows either simple or high-performance actuators to be driven by a single command controller, eliminating the need for separate controllers for each actuator. The motors feature a maximum speed of 4500 rpm and have a rated output of 80W. A standard comprehensive parameter list enables programming of target location, speed, acceleration and deceleration.
The RC-0411 servo motors have a price of $775 and are available for immediate delivery. Other models of servo steppers as well as brushless servos are available.

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